How To Create A Custom Height Adjustable Console Desk In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Go to your local used medical supply house and purchase a vintage surgical gurney. The old ones are all stainless steel and aluminum. The big plastic ones aren't as pretty.

Step 2: Remove the bed part. If you can't think of anything else to do with it, take it back to the used medical supply house. They might be able to sell it again (but they won't want to give you any money back).

Step 3: Lots of Mr. Clean and hot water... You don't know where that surgical gurney has been! Maybe a few new hose clamps for the hydraulic parts. Mine needed a bit of adjustment so the head-end and foot-end would lower at the same speed. 

Step 4: Add a surface. A wide gap might come in handy so your console has lots of fresh air to breathe. 

Step 5: Bolt on a lovingly used Avid ICON from a reliable source. Thanks John McD! A little piece of Sonic Arts lives on over here at Ground Control. And, boy, is it fun!

Ground Control, a division of Tim Dutton Audio, is a 5.1 mixing facility where I specialize in postproduction audio for long-format videos and films. The ICON is my latest acquisition, and it's a real life changer. All I want to do is sit and mix... or stand up and mix with my custom height adjustable desk.

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